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So you want to Breed your Shih Tzu

Breeding your dog:

If you plan to breed your dog, you should wait until they are at least one year old. AKC will not register a litter if the mom is younger than 8 months old when breed and the stud when his is 7 months old.

  • Be looking for a stud, that is the same size or smaller than the mom. If you have one picked out, then when the dog comes in heat you will be prepared.
  • Most breeders will want to take pick of the litter or they could charge a fee to breed.
  • As soon as you notice blood, notify the stud owner and set up your plans.
  • The female could bleed for up to 9 or more days. There are only a few number of days that she will be receptive to the stud. Let the Stud be your guide, as to when is the best time to breed.
  • Breeding every other day is sufficient and they only need to lock a maximum of 2 or 3 times.
  • Make sure that your dog’s mother was a free whelping dog. (having babies without a C section) C sections can be heredity.
  • Make sure you know the health history of the stud.
  • Is the stud registered with AKC and with full breeding rights?
  • Check ahead of time to find out what the Stud owner is going to charge so there are not surprises.
  • The female may have to be muzzled, so be ready. Sometimes the female may turn and bite at the stud and which could injure the stud.
  • Mark your calendar 63 days from the first successful breed, making sure that at 58 days your are totally prepared for the delivery.
  • Make sure you feed the mom, puppy food. She will need the extra nutrients while pregnant and nursing.
  • Take the moms temperature for 2 weeks before delivery to check for the temperature drop.  This drop can indicate that delivery could happen within the next 24 hours.  
  • Refer to the Whelping page on our site for more ideas and cautions.


Registering a litter or a puppy

This can be done at www.akc.org Click on the Registration area and fill in the necessary areas. You will need the parents AKC numbers, full names and the date that the registration was issued.  You can use a credit card to pay for your order. When using the internet, your papers should arrive in about one week. This service works very well and papers come in a very timely manner.




This page was last updated on 06/10/10.