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Wesley Blaine Owens and his Ancestors



Wesley Blaine Owens and his Ancestors Pedigree

Wesley Blaine Owens History



Marion William Owens "Out of the Rockies"

Born:  abt 1876, Pima, Graham, Arizona

Died:  2 Apr 1950, Sugar City, Franklin, Idaho

Married:  Edith May Comish (Blood), 24 Jan 1906, Sugar City, Franklin Idaho


Marion William Owens


Edith May Comish

Born:  3 Jul 1888, Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah

Died:  21 Nov 1952, Ogden, Weber, Utah



Edith May Comish



Marion Alfred Owens

Born:  16 Jul 1860, Fillmore, Millard, Utah

Died:  18 Feb 1925, Fillmore, Millard, Utah

Married:  Beatrice Ann Eliza Teeples, 1 Jan 1880, Smithville, Pima, Arizona



Marion Alfred Owens



Beatrice Ann Eliza Teeples Owens History

Born:  31 Mar 1864, Paris, Oneida, Idaho

Died:  24 May 1942, Fillmore, Millard, Utah



Beatrice Ann Eliza Teeples



John Alfred Comish

Born:  22 Nov 1863, Franklin, Franklin, Idaho

Died:  11 Jan 1925, Twin Bridges, Madison, Montana

Married:  Celestia Adelaide Crockett, 25 Jan 1893, Logan, Cache, Utah



Celestia Adelaide Crockett

Born:  19 Apr 1864, Logan, Cache, Utah

Died:  18 Sept. 1922, Ogden, Weber, Utah



Celestia Adelaide Crockett



James Clark Owens History

James Clark Owens Builders History

Owens Nauvoo History History (this history has Owens, and Robison, Burr, Hancock families)

Owens vital records

Born:  7 Jul 1832, Kaw Township, Independence, Jackson, Missouri

Died:  1 Feb 1901, Woodruff, Navajo, Arizona

Married:  Lucretia Proctor Robison, 16 Jan 1856, Fillmore, Millard, Utah


James Clark Owens Jr.


Lucretia Proctor Robison Owens History

Lucretia Hancock Robison History

Lucretia Proctor Robison Owens History

Born:  18 May 1841, Scroeple, Oswego, New York

Died:  24 May 1929, Woodruff, Navajo, Arizona


Lucretia Hancock Robison


William Randolph Teeples History

William Randolph Teeples History

William Randolph Teeples History

Born:  7 Jun 1834, Huron, Michigan

Died:  5 Jun 1883, Pima, Pima, Arizona

Married:  Harriet Betsy Cook, 21 Aug 1859, Goshen, Utah, Utah

Visit the Cook Family website at http://www.cookfamily.org/


William Randolph Teeples


 Harriet B. Cook Teeples History

Harriet Betsy Cook Teeples History

Harriet B Cook

Born:  28 Oct 1844, Richland, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Died:  3 Nov 1833, Sun River, Cascades, Montana

Visit the Cook Family website at http://www.cookfamily.org/


Harriet Betsy Cook


John Comish History

Born 1 Dec 1838, Onchon, Middle, Isle of Man, England

Died:  14 May 1922, Cove, Cache, Utah

Married:  Esther  Elizabeth Stanford,  22 Nov 1862, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah



John Comish



Esther Elizabeth Stanford History

Born:  20 Feb 1844, Southwick, Sussex, England

Died:  15 Mar 1916, Cove, Cache, Utah



Esther Elizabeth Stanford



David Crockett History

Born:  30 Dec 1806, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine

Died:  12 Apr 1876, Logan, Cache, Utah

Married:  1) Lydia Young Crockett, 20 Dec 1830, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine

2)  Lucinda Sophronia Ellsworth, 23 Jul 1856, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah


David Crockett



Lydia Young Crockett History

Born:  20 July 1812, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine

Died:  11 Mar 1888, Logan, Cache, Utah



Lydia Young Crockett



Lucinda Sophronia Ellsworth

Born:  1 Sep 1836, Oswego, Oswego, New York

Died:  11 Dec 1915, Logan, Cache, Utah



James Clark Owens Sr.  History

Born:  7 Jul 1797, Oncondago, Oncondago, New York

Died:  11 Jan 1847, Garden Grove, Decatur, Iowa

Married:  Abigail Cordelia Burr, 8 Jun 1816, Montgomery, New York


James Clark Owens Sr.


Abigil Cordilia Burr History

Born:  22 Nov 1799, Kingsboro, Fulton, New York

Died:  27 Nov 1861, Fillmore, Millard, Utah



Joseph Robison

Born:  21 May 1804, Charleston, Now Glen, Montgomery, New York

Died:  3 Jun 1868, Fillmore, Millard, Utah

Married:  Lucretia Hancock, 5 Feb 1829, Clay, Onandago, New York



Lucretia Hancock

Born:  24 Aug 1807, Shrewsburg, Windsor, Vermont

Died:  31 Aug 1899, Fillmore, Millard, Utah



George Bentley Teeples

Born:  17 Mar 1803, Dansville, Livingston, New York

Died:  18 Sep 1884, Holden, Millard, Utah

Married:  Hulda Clarinda Dolby, 1829




Hulda Clarinda Dolby

Born:  4 Jun 1812, Holland, Erie, New York

Died:  10 Jun 1881, Holden, Millard, Utah



Phineas Wolcott Cook

Born:  28 Aug 1819, Goshen, Litchfield, Connecticut

Died:  24 Jul 1900, Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming

Married:  Ann Eliza Howland, 1 Jan 1840, Howlandburg, Kalamazoo, Michagan

Visit the Cook Family website at http://www.cookfamily.org/


Phineas Wolcott Cook



Ann Eliza Howland

Born:  18 Jun 1823, Stillwater, Saratoga, New York

Died:  17 May 1896, Garden City, Rich, Utah



Ann Eliza Howland



William Comish & Elizabeth Keig) History

Born:  20 May 1805, Arbory, Rushen, Isle of Man, England

Died:  16 Dec 1877, Franklin, Franklin, Idaho

Married:  Elizabeth Kegg (Keig), 12 Feb 1831, Arbory, Rushen, Isle of Man, England



William Comish



Elizabeth Kegg (Keig) Comish History

Born:  22 Dec 1805, Rushen, Rushen, Isle of Man, England

Died:  6 Nov 1885, Franklin, Franklin, Idaho



Elizabeth Kegg (Keig)



Thomas Stanford

Born:  12 Apr 1807, Portslade, Sussex, Engalnd

Died:  23 Nov 1882, Ogden, Weber, Utah

Married:  Elizabeth Barnett, 31 Dec 1828, Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex, England



Elizabeth Barnett

Born:  13 Oct 1805,  Portslade, Sussex, England

Died:  11 Feb 1868, Logan, Cache, Utah



James Crockett

Born:  27 Apr 1777, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine

Died:  14 Jun 1851, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine

Married:  Elizabeth Brackett, 6 Nov 1802, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine



Elizabeth Brackett

Born:  20 Feb 1777, Cape Cod, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Died:  13 May 1839, Vinal Haven, Knox, Maine



David Ellsworth Esq.

Born:  8 Oct 1809, Rutland, Rutland, Vermont

Died:  Oct 1872, Kanab, Kane, Utah

Married:  Diana Livingstone, 22 Nov. 1823



Diana Livingstone

Born:  6 May 1811, England

Died:  15 Nov 1843, Oswego, Oswego, New York



Caroline Amelia Owens History

Caroline Amelia Owens Webb McRae letter to Francis Adelbert Webb

Submitted by Judy Borup



Caroline Amelia Owens

Caroline Amelia Owens

submitted by Judy Borup

Caroline Amelia Owens

submitted by Judy Borup




Edward Milo Webb History



Edward Milo Webb



Medora Owens Gardner Trueblood History


















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