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Eva Ellen May Salway and her Ancestors



Eva Ellen May Salway, born 26 Feb.1903, Died 25 July 1993.  Her parents were Alfred Edward Salway & Eva Mary Rowe.


Eva Ellen May Salway and her Ancestors Pedigree

Eva Ellen May Salway  History



Alfred Edward Salway History

Born:  4 Nov 1880, Holbeton, Devonshire, England,

Died:  20 July 1955, Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Married:  Eva Mary Rowe, 14 Feb. 1901, Guernsey, England


Alfred Edward Salway


Eva Ellen Mary Rowe History

Eva Mary Rowe Salway Journal

Do You Remember... By Harold Salway

Mum's Rhymes

by Eva Mary Rowe Salway

Born: 12 Feb 1882, Guernsey, Channel Islands, England

Died: 26 Feb 1963, Calgary, Alberta, England



Eva Mary Rowe



Edward and Sarah H Salway History

Born 26 Jun 1850, Tavistock, Devonshire, England

Died:  1 May 1919, Beer, Devonshire, England

Married:  Sarah Holman, 28 Jun 1874, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devonshire, England


Edward Salway


Sarah Holman

Born:  25 Dec 1848, Linkinhorne, Cornwall, England

Died:  1910, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, England



Sarah Holman



Charles LeBoutillier Rowe History

Born:  18 Jul 1856, Grouville, Jersey, England

Died:  30 Nov 1930, Poole, Dorestshire, England

Married:  Ellen Green Thomas, 23 Sep 1878, Guernsey, England


Charles LeBoutillier Rowe


Ellen Green Thomas History

Born:  23 May 1857, St Helier, Jersey, England

Died:  5 Jan 1936, Poole, Dorestshire, England



Ellen Green Thomas



Samuel and Mary Salway History

Born:  abt 1826, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devonshire, England

Died:  abt 1908

Married:  Mary Agland, 7 Nov 1847, Seaton, Devonshire, England



Samuel Salway



Mary Agland

Born:  25 Feb 1825

Died:  abt 1859


Mary Agland

John Holman

Born: abt 1804, Linkinhorne, Cornwall, England

Died:  9 Dec 1868, Linkinhorne, Cornwall, England

Married:  Rebecca Penna


John Holman

Rebecca Penna

Born:  8 Sep 1805, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, Engalnd


Rebecca Penna

Thomas and Mary Rowe History

Born:  4 Apr 1826, Tavistock, Devonshire, England

Died: 1894, Guernsey, England

Married:  Mary Mallet


Thomas George Rowe

Mary Mallet

Born:  7 Jul 1822, Grouville, Jersey, England


Mary Mallet

John Thomas and Susannah Green History

Born:  1808, Bridport, Dorset, England

Died:  2 May 1890,

Married:  Susannah Legg Green


John Thomas
Alfred Edward Charles Salway

Born:  4 Jul 1901, Southampton, Hampshire, England

Died:  6 Jul 1918

Not married


Alfred Edward Charles Salway



John Barlow & Martha Salway History

Born:  22 Mary 1905, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England

Died:  6 Nov 1983, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Married:  Martha Helm, 26 Jan 1928



John Barlow Salway



Millicent Ada Salway

Born:  5 Sep 1907, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Engalnd

Died:  7 Jun 1918



Millicent & Alfred Salway



Harold A Salway History

In Retrospect Autobiography -

Harold Alfred Salway 1912-2004


Born:  29 Aug 1912, Poole, Dorsetshire, England

Died:  1 Jun 2004, Keizer, Marion, Oregon

Married:  Eunice Sherwood, 16 Aug 1936

Married:  Vellis


Harold Alfred Salway


Hope Salway History

Born 8 May 1916, Wool Wareham, Dorsetshire, England

Died:  14 May 2005, Canada

Married:  Carl Henrick Munster-Swendsen,

19 Jun 1946, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Hope Rita Mary Salway


Holman Salway History

Born:  18 Jul 1921, Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Died:  4 Aug 2000, Chillawack,

Married:  Clara Hellen Munroe, 28 Sep 1946



Holman Rowe Salway



Rowe Salway History

Born:  18 Oct 1922, Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Died:   11 Aug 2003, Utah

Married:  Elizabeth Mae Griffen, 7 Dec 1944

Married:  Marjorie June Pratt Westergard



Bobby & Rowe Salway



Morton Rowe Salway History

Born:  3 Sep 1925, Cardston, Alberta, Canada


Married:  Annamaria Madeline Ganzer, 20 Apr 1943


Morton & Marj Salway


Salway's of Canada

by Harold A. Salway


(Harold put the book together and

Eva wrote the stories)


Stories of Our Ancestors

Eva Mary Rowe Salway

This story has more pictures than shows, if you want the original file, please email me.




This is only some of the picture I have on our family.  There are far too many to post all of them, one this website.  I am willing to share what I have, and if you have some that are not here, please share them with me at  Click on the photo and it opens in your internet browser and is bigger.  If you wish to save a copy of the picture, right click on the picture, then left click on "Save Picture As" and save the photo to the file on your computer.

Alfred, Bob, Eva, Eva, Dale, Rea, Cory

Bob & Eva Tagg 1973

Bob & Eva Tagg

Bob & Eva Tagg wedding day

Bob & Eva Tagg 1977

Carl, Morton, Holman, Rowe, Harold

Charlie Rowe & Eva Salway

Charlie Rowe, Robert Tagg

Eva & Bob Tagg

Eva & John Salway

Eva at Cameron Falls

Eva at Castle Combe

Eva at Compton Gardens

Eva at Hamble River

Eva at Mayfield Park, Wool England

Eva at Mesa Temple

Eva at River Itchen

Eva at the shoe shop

Eva at Southhampton

Eva attended school here

Eva cutting the grass

Eva Ellen May Salway (baby)

Eva Ellen May Salway

Eva from Mildred Back of card

Eva S. Tagg

Eva Tagg funeral

Eva S. Tagg

Eva Salway

Eva Salway, Eva Tagg, Velma Wood, Wood boy

Eva Salway, Eva Tagg, Velma

Eva Salway

Eva swinging

Eva Tagg & Velma Tagg

Eva Tagg and one of her afagans

Eva Tagg

Eva Tagg 1923

Eva Tagg

Eva Tagg

Eva Tagg

Eva Tagg and their trailer

Eva Tagg at Bovington Camp

Eva Tagg at Castle Comb

Eva Tagg at Los Angeles

Eva Tagg ate lunch here

Eva Tagg at Palm Beach

Eva Tagg attended school here

Eva Tagg born here

Eva Tagg dressed up

Eva Tagg in living color

Eva Tagg on the farm

Eva Tagg's ship

Eva Tagg's afagans

Eva Tagg

Eva Tagg's violin

Eva, Hope, Helen, Marj, Bobbi, Euince

Bob & Eva Tagg family

Eva, Steve & Jean at Knotsburry Farm

Eva, Velma, Cathie

Jack, Alfie & Eva at Bovington Camp

Missionary couples at Bristol Mission

Picnic at Red Rock

Alfred Edward Salway funeral in the paper

Alfred Edward Salway honored

Alfred Edward Salway obitutary

Alfred & Eva Salway at the Greenhouse

Alfred, Eva, Eva, Millie, Jack

Alfred & Eva Salway

Alfie Salway

Alfie Salway drawings

Alfie Salway drawings

Alfie Salway drawings

Alfie Salway drawings

Alfie Salway drawings

Alfie's grave, Wool Dorset England

Alfred & Eva Salway & kids

Alfred & Eva Grave Marker

Alfred & Eva Salway

Alfred Salway & sons

Alfred & Eva Salway in the news

Alfred & Eva Salway

Alfred Charles Salway

Alfred E. Salway at the greenhouse

Alfred Edward Salway

Alfred Salway judging flowers

Alfie Salway

Alfred Salway

Alfred Salway

Alfred & Eva Salway

Charlie Rowe & Eva Salway

Eva Mary Ellen Salway signature

Eva Mary Rowe & Alfred Edward Salway

Eva Mary Rowe Salway

Eva Mary Rowe Standing

Eva Mary Rowe Salway

Eva Rowe Salway

Eva Rowe Salway on a horse

Eva Salway

Eva Tagg & Eva Salway

Alfred E Salway on a passenger list

Salway Crest

Salway family

Salway Reunion 1960

Salway Reunion 1960

Salway Reunion 1960

Salway Reunion 1979

Salway Reunion at Gull Lake

Salway & Rowe letterhead

Wool Church were Alfie is burried

Charlie Rowe, Mildred, Eva

Charles LeBoutillier Rowe & Ellen Green

Charles Rowe

Charles, Ellen T Rowe and family

Charles Rowe

Rowe family

Rowe's, Charles, Emily, Mildred

Dot, Ada, Will

Edward Salway

Edward Salway & family

Edward Salway

Salway, Robert Tagg, Dot

Sarah (Dot) Royale, Ada

Sarah Salway (Dot)

Harold & Eunice Salway

Harold & Family, Barbara

Harold Salway

Harold Salway, boy during war

Harold Salway

Harold, Eunice & kids

Harold, Eunice Salway

Holman & Helen

Holman Salway

Holman, Clara Salway

Eva & Hope Salway

Hope & Carl Swensen

Hope Swendsen

Lloyd Pernell

Isaac Smith & Anne Holman marriage

John Kito will

John Kito will

John Kito will

John Kito will

John Kito will

Mary P Penna will

Mary P Penna will

Peter Penna will

Peter Penna will

Peter Penna will

Peter Penna will

Jack Salway

John Barlow Salway

John Barlow Salway

John & Martha Salway

Martha Salway

Martha, Jack & Millicent Salway

Martha, Millicent Salway

Morton & Marg Salway family

Morton & Marg Salway

Morton & Marg Salway

Morton Rowe Salway

Morton Salway & Velma Tagg

Morton & Marg Salway family

Elizabeth Mae Salway funeral

Rowe & Bobby

Rowe & Bobby Salway

Rowe & Bobby Salway wedding

Rowe & Bobby Salway

Mallet heirs claim for money

Ellen Mary Hyde Flint

Ellen Mary Tayler Fling

Sarah Holman

Carl & Hope Swendsen

Carl & Hope Swendsen

Carl & Hope Swendsen

Carl, Hope, Michael, Connie, John Swendsen

Carma & Leon Florence

Mike, Connie & Carl Swendsen

Samuel Salway






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