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The lessons that are used for my classes.

All of these lessons can also be found at http://ancestry.com/library/view/ancmag/2082.asp 

These lessons are in Adobe Reader format and html.  If you do not have Adobe Reader click here to download the program.  Please watch for the correct version for your windows operating system.  If you do not have Adobe Reader and do not wish to download it, you can just click on the htm files and they will open in your internet browser.


Class Title

Adobe Reader Format  (PDF)

Internet Explorer format  (htm)

Getting Started

lesson 01.pdf  

lesson 01.htm

Treasures In the Attic

lesson 02.pdf

lesson 02.htm

Living Sources

lesson 03.pdf

lesson 03.htm

Beginning Your Library Research

lesson 04.pdf

lesson 04.htm

At the Library

lesson 05.pdf

lesson 05.htm

Secondary Source Research

lesson 06.pdf

lesson 06.pdf

Primary Sources and Vital Records

lesson 07.pdf

lesson 07.htm

Census Records

lesson 08.pdf

lesson 08.htm

Immigration Records

lesson 09.pdf

lesson 09.htm

Naturalization Records

lesson 10.pdf

lesson 10.htm

Military Records

lesson 11.pdf

lesson 11.htm

Land Records

lesson 12.pdf

lesson 12.htm

Wills and Probate Records

lesson 13.pdf

lesson 13.htm

Court Records

lesson 14.pdf

lesson 14.htm

Unusual Record Sources

lesson 15.pdf

lesson 15.htm

Computers and Family History

lesson 16.pdf

lesson 16.htm

Online Research

lesson 17.pdf

lesson 17.htm

Adding Life to Your Family History

lesson 18.pdf

lesson 18.htm

PAF Lessons (from Fred Christensen)

PAF 5 Lessons.pdf

PAF 5 Lessons.htm

   Contact me for files that go with this

Temple Ready Lessons

     (from Fred Christensen)

TempleReady lessons.pdf

TempleReady lessons.htm

   Contact me for files that go with this

These files are used along with other classes given.

Websites (26 pages of links) & Using the Internet

Web sites.pdf


Ten Commandments of Genealogy

Ten Commandments of Genealogy.pdf

Ten Commandments of Genealogy.htm

Page Numbering in Word & WordPerfect

page number instr.pdf

page number instr.htm

Life Story questions (these bring a lot of memories to your mind)

life story questions.pdf

life story questions.htm

Computerized Genealogy Conference at BYU

Websites from the Computerized conf.pdf

Websites from the Computerized conf.htm

Genealogy, Software, Search Engines, Site to check out, Classes or Lessons.

genclass 2-25.pdf

genclass 2-25.htm

Search Engines, Research Logs, Quick Tricks,

Searching the internet.pdf

Searching the internet.htm

Old English Trade names and descriptions

Old English Trade names and descriptions.pdf

Old English Trade names and descriptions.htm

News groups or Newsletters

News groups or news letters.pdf

News groups or news letters.htm

To move files from a CD, floppy, photo card or thumb drive to your hard drive


Move files from a CD.pdf

Move fiels from a cd.htm

Home Sources Check List


Home Check list.pdf

Home check list.htm

Basic Computer Tasks

Basic Computer Tasks.pdf

Basic Computer Tasks.htm

What Me Write My History

What Me Write My History.pdf

What Me Write My History.htm

Organization is the Key

Organization is the Key.pdf

no file in htm for this one

Family History Class Review with Answers

Family History Class Review with answers.pdf

Family History Class Review with answers.htm



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